Welcome to the Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana website.

Over one billion school-aged children in more than one hundred countries lack access to even the most essential learning opportunities.  Enabling them to acquire at least a basic education is not charity – it is a universal right.

OLE Ghana is a Non Governmental Organization registered under the Ghanaian Company’s Code Act. Backed by a strong Board, it is a part of a worldwide network of OLE centers working towards the fulfillment of the UN Millennium goal of attaining universal basic education for all by 2015. OLE Ghana’s vision is to help every young person acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary to becoming a productive and fulfilled member of the global community. It seeks to do this by focusing on a number of activities centered around teacher development programs aimed at empowering teachers create, adapt, modify, use and share open education resources. It also includes the effective use of innovative learning environments, information technologies and networks that facilitate learning.

At OLE Ghana we believe that there is a drop of greatness in every child, Education should be so fashioned to serve as the manual which will grow this drop of greatness into a might ocean of talents to develop ones country, love for fellow man, love for country. Giving the opportunity for every child to develop an intellectually and economically strong life consistent with their abilities ultimately benefits all of us.

This is now more possible as never before.  The global reach of the Internet, low-cost computers and other information technologies, combined with a greater awareness of the importance of Universal Basic Education, make it possible for this to be achieved by the UN Millennium Development Goal of 2015. Open Learning Exchange Ghana welcomes all who are genuinely interested in partnering her to accomplish its mission

For us at OLE Ghana such a partnership is a great investment in our future; an “investment” whose returns in terms of human capital development and sustainable development cannot be fathomed.

If you are interested in partnering with OLE Ghana please contact:

Mr. Kofi Essien
Tel: 0208138099
Email: kofi.essien@ole.org

Watch video on Ghana Reads here, OLE Ghana’s Award winning Flagship Project